The Art of Tantric Massage London

In my tantric massage sessions in London I try to discover what my guest is in need of ! It’s a hard process but as long as my partner is willing to trust me and let go, the outcome is very enjoyable and most of the time new and very differenty! ” The more that sexuality is suppressed, the more disturbed individuals seek out forbidden forms of it!” That’s why, it is recommended to unwind sexual tension and eliberate yourself from frustrations. Massage is one of the most reliable form of discovering your body and yourself. If you have a good therapist, you might experience sensations you never felt before and help you stay in control for more than usual! Our body is capable of unknown and pleasurable physical perceptions! Knowing and understanding your body will give you a liberating feeling!

I treat my guests with respect and empathy. Because most men are usually emotionally isolated and disconnected, suffering from an exaggerate fear of closeness, during the sessions my partner is my main focus, the most important person! Sexuality is a natural form of expression of our feelings and desires so it shouldn’t be ignored!

Tantric massage is a form of giving and receiving love. This does not involve any exchange of fluids or penetration. The only time when penetration is used, is for prostrate massage only. And this is only on request.

Any adult should try a tantric massage session or variations of it. Tantric massage does not involve full service or any other form of sex.

In London tantric massage is differs, depending on the provider’s perception of it. Different variations of tantric massage are offered because we all are different and have different training and understanding. Do not expect all providers to offer the same services or to have the same level of empathy, trust and understanding. Do not judge tantric massage providers as all are the same. Tantric massage is related to understanding and training.

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