London The Art of Tantric massage, love and social beliefs

Tantric massage and social beliefs

Tantric massage is considered by some immoral and can generate a lot of criticism. Social beliefs play a distinct role when comes down to judging tantric massage. This beliefs are different from a culture to an other so, therefore people have mixed opinions and feelings about it. Beliefs are not facts of nature so they can be altered and changed. Depending on the background, some people are very open and speak about it, while others are hiding it. Even though tantric massage has many benefits it is still considered taboo. Like any another subjects related to sensuality and sexuality, tantric massage steers a lot of controversy. People feel awkward to talk about sexuality. This creates a lot of frustrations and anxieties. Men especially have a lot of pressure on their shoulders and cannot talk or show any sign of vulnerability.

Men need compassion and attention

Men are considered to be insensitive and uninterested in emotions. Men developed a copping mechanism which may come across as being insensitive. To be honest, I believe men need as much emotional care and attention as women do. I believe men don’t ask for attention and care but they do need it and are very responsive and grateful when they get it. Our bodies need touch, love, tenderness, arousal and relaxation.  Studies made on child development proved the necessity of touch and compassion.

Guilt and Shame

Based on the social beliefs some are ashamed to visit a tantric therapist or to talk freely about a visit. Most people tend to judge based on their background. Most likely the one who is judging will project their own internal frustration onto the one who is being judged. It means it is not an accurate image of yourself. It is an image that someone holds of you. That is why I understand privacy is very important. It is easier to avoid being exposed than explaining yourself. Then again I suppose some things are meant to be enjoyed and kept only for self.

Some man feel guilty after a tantric massage, but is because they relate only to social beliefs rather than their needs. Often men tend to neglect themselves only for the sake of loved ones. If they indulge into something designed only for them they tend to feel guilty. As long as their needs aren’t met in their environment they seek help elsewhere. Just like the need to eat, drink, socialise etc. Finding the right service helps them to keep mentally and physically healthy.  It is not selfishness, it’s  a must to help men cope with day to day life.

There is nothing to be ashamed or guilty about. Like any other basic needs, love(touch, tenderness, compassion, arousal and relaxation) is one of them. Feeling the need to be touched and loved is natural and shouldn’t be denied. Tantric massage is a great alternative to relax and unwind, but I suppose you probably know this already!

Tantra to me is the path of individual development, which allows me to reach my essence, nature, integrate many parts and aspects of my being into one. It is the path that opens me to the mission of my soul to reach the deepest compassion.


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